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About Mommi & E

When my son Enoch was born (that is what the E is for ;) ), our journey inspired me to help more women and families. As he was born into a military family, I thought there should be an emphasis on that unique journey as well. Today, there is so much pressure on how to be a perfect parent, but I say, "Follow your instincts and do your best!" 

I love creating unique products for my mom and military friends. I also have some blog posts to hopefully help those who are seeking more information or support in their unique situations. Follow me for support and fun products to enjoy along your unique journey! Some of our best products are mom life stickers, nursery decor and, some great gifts for moms and friends.

Coming 2023!
I was inspired to start creating my own planners from scratch! This type of design is something I have loved doing for years, and I finally found something to make out of it. Planners included will be The Baby Planner (3rd and 4th trimester), The Woman With a Plan, The Pregnancy Planner, and more!
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