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Dad's Top 3 Baby Items

Updated: Jan 13

This post may contain affiliate links associated with my storefront :)

Creating your baby registry is obviously a very exciting time. But what do you really need? What can you live without? Of course, this will depend on you. Something someone loves, somebody else might not agree with. This article is to show you my husband's favorites. When someone asks us what we recommend to get - this is what he says!

#1 Lots and Lots of Burp Cloths

Coming in at #1 is lots of burp cloths. The older they get, the less you will use them, but you will be surprised how much use these get! The funny thing is, our son didn't even spit up that much compared to other babies... but my husband still obviously saw how much we used them. Babies spit up... a lot. They drool, they make messes, and they need something soft to clean them up. So keep at least one in every room of the house!

We personally love muslin, but there are many options!

These plain white ones are a popular kind. It comes with 12 muslin burp cloths and they are frequently on sale!

(Tap the photos to open a new tab to the products!)

Though we have not tried these ones, they can also be used as a drool bib! That comes in handy for those teething days!

If you want some fun patterns (also muslin), these are some great ones as well! There are 2 different packs to choose from with unique and fun designs.

#2 Tubby Todd's All Over Ointment

Although it seemed expensive, I decided to buy the Tubby Todd All Over Ointment after hearing great reviews from Karrie Locher and her fan base. Let me tell you, not only is it worth the price, but it lasts FOREVER. I don't even know if we will go through the whole (smallest) container, but we love it! This moisturizer works miracles on

eczema, small rashes, skin flare-ups, dry patches, cradle-cap, and more! Any time something pops up on our son's skin we grab the Tubby Todd!

Tubby Todd is really only found on their website. I don't have a coupon code, but Karrie Locher does if you follow her on Instagram!

Our "Tap-Tap" Night Light

This is probably MY personal favorite. Though this night light was most handy in the newborn stage with those night wakings, we still use this light EVERY DAY.

Whether it's nap time and we want to dim the lights, our toddler is sick in the night and we need a small light, or we just want to dim the lights in our bedroom, this light is always around.

There are many brands, but these are our favorites! Why?

Just give a little "tap-tap" on the top and it's on! Another little "tap-tap" and it's off! Hold your hand on it to change the brightness, and some will also change color! This flatter one will even go into a "sleep" mode when you turn it upside-down. To turn it back on, just flip it back over! It's so easy, even my one-year-old loves to turn it on and off!

We hope you found this helpful! Check out our amazon storefront for all the basic necessities and other fun toys, and gadgets! Find post-partum supplies, top-rated, products, and more!

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